Logo Punch can design and manufacture any type of design or font face for stamps, dies or digits. Everything is done in-house by our highly trained and dedicated staff to ensure the product we deliver to you is manufactured to the best possible standard. Here are some the of high quality products you can expect from us:

Marking Stamps:

Hand Stamps

Engraved stamps with your logo so you'll be able to mark or label your products, tools or any general item you need branded.

Industrial Marking Dies

Used in the automotive industry to imprint part numbers, branding or other identification marks onto parts.

Embossing Dies

Embossing Dies are manufactured in two sections, a male and female die. This will mark your products with an embossed logo, part number or any other custom design.

Coding Digits

Coding Digits are primarily used by pharmaceutical companies to mark batch numbers, expiry dates and other identification marks onto boxes or pill casings.

Brass Foiling Dies

Brass foiling dies are primarily used to hot foil logos onto leather. This can be anything from logos, branding or text.